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  • Asylfolgeberatung der AWO Kreisverband Berlin Mitte e.V. in der KuB
  • Senatsverwaltung für Arbeit Integration Soziales UNO Flüchtlingshilfe Die Projekte „Zugänge schaffen - Ein Projekt für mehr Teilhabe Geflüchteter in Berlin“ und „Verfahrensberatung für geflüchtete Personen in allen Verfahrensstadien“ werden gefördert durch den Integrationsbeauftragten des Berliner Senats und die UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe
  • Frauen*beratung - Die Fachstelle für Schwangere und Alleinerziehende Frauen wird gefördert durch den Integrationsbeauftragen des Landes Berlin
  • Hörbücherei für persischsprechende Blinde: Omid Foundation
  • Aktion Mensch Die Psychosoziale Beratung wird gefördert von der Aktion Mensch

SpAM is the „research group“ of KuB. SpAM stands for speculation, abstraction and metaphyics. The aim of the group SpAm is it to theoretically reflect on the social work with migrants which is a day to day business of KuB: what are its conditions, forms and possibilities?

KuB deals with this and other topics internally, as well as externally with theorists working in the field of social work with migrants and with interested members of the public. SpAM is doing this especially within the scope of public events like KuB-Thementag and publications.

Welcome to the pool of lecturers/experts at KuB. Here you can find information if you are looking for lecturers/experts in the field of refugees and migration.

We offer lectures, training courses, seminars, workshops, and school project days on the following topics:

  • Asylum procedure and right of residence (for beginners and advanced students)
  • Social rights and living conditions of refugees in living in Germany and Berlin
  • Dublin III regulation
  • European border regime (Frontex) and European asylum right system
  • Legal situations and living conditions of refugees in Italy
  • Asylum in the republic of Cyprus ( procedural standards, legal situation and living conditions)
  • Critical migration studies
  • Critical social work in the field of flight and migration
  • Reflection on one's own position and role (paternalism critiques)
  • Argumentation against prejudices and myths

Our lecturers are, for example, social- and political scientists. They all have several years of experience in the field of refugees and migration. Some of them are lawyers, others are writing a PhD thesis about respective topics or have already finished their PhD studies.

All the lecturers are involved, in the scope of KuB, to gain more rights for refugees and migrants

  • What topic and content are you interested in?
  • What is the target audience?
  • Proposals for date, time and extent of the event

We offer this on a fee paying basis. You contract directly with our lecturers, and KuB acts only as an intermediary.

KuB gets a part of the lecturer's fee. Through this arrangement you are also supporting the work of KuB.

Examples for training courses (only in German)