We want to continue to offer partisan, independent advice and support, free German language courses and much more to refugees and migrated people. For this we depend on your donations!

Please support the KuB with a one-time or monthly donation. 10 € per month already help us to stabilize our offer in the long term. We will gladly give you a donation receipt.

Donations to the KuB are used to pay rent, provide public transportation tickets to beneficiaries, purchase office supplies, finance co-payments for funded projects, and much more. You can find more information about how we use donations in our transparency report.

Independent sponsors of the KuB

We seek independent financing for the KuB so that we can provide support for migrants in challenging situations and refugees in the long term. Our finances should be less dependent on the parties in government project funding. To achieve this goal, we want to build a group of people who stand with us in solidarity, and who support us financially with monthly donations.

Read more: KuB funding is uncertain! Support us with a regular donation!"

Donations in kind

The art project needs art materials. We are happy to receive donations of: colouring pencils, pencils, paintbrushes, tints of any kind (acrylic, gouache, water colour), drapery, crayon, oil pastel, ink, feathers, clay, scissors, glue, sellotape, rubber, paperboard, coloured paper.

You want to support refugees directly? Refugees need tickets for buses and trains: to get to the KuB. Or to drive to offices, doctors or lawyers. Or to drive from remote refugee homes in Brandenburg to Berlin.

Donate tickets of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB)! Hand in single tickets or day tickets in the KuB office.