Until 28.06.2024, KuB is only open from 9 am until 1 pm.

Persian Audio Books

Our library of audio books for Persian speaking blind people has existed since 2001. The idea came from a staff member of the KuB. As a blind person he is not able to read literature in his mother tongue Persian (Farsi).

We produce audio books ourselves. We record the books in Iran. Or staff members from the KuB also record books in Berlin.

We are cater to the students' requests. We constantly record more scientific literature. Within the near future we also want to offer scientific magazines in the Persian language. Some of those magazines write about topics of interest for blind people.

Our project gave MP3 players to many blind people in Iran. With the help of the MP3 player they are able to listen to the Persian audio books. The do not need a computer.

With the help of the library for audio books we bring together Persian speaking blind people. For example we organize Skype conferences with various participants. Over the internet blind people from different countries can exchange information. Authors and writers use the internet to read from their books and discuss with the audience. In addition, lectures and speeches can be offered over the internet to a blind or visually impaired audience.