This Is How KuB Language Tandem Works

You want to practice your German? In addition to your German course you want to improve your German? With the help of the language tandem you find a person that talks German to you!

Within the language tandem both language tandem partners are each other's teacher. You want to learn German. Your language tandem partner wants to learn your language. For example Arabic.

You meet regularly. Sometimes you both talk in your tandem partner's language and sometimes you both talk in your own language. You help each other. You have an equal goal: improving your language skills as a team. At the same time you are getting to know someone new.

Everyone can join, if they....

We recommend that your first language tandem meeting takes place online. This is possible, for example, with Jitsi or Skype.

If you are meeting an unknown person for the first time, we recommend a public place where you are not alone.